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Computer science is an exciting, fast-moving, and diverse field at the crossroads between mathematics and engineering sciences. It pervades many areas of research and industry and plays a vital role in all aspects of society. No other subject of study offers so many avenues of specialization - not to mention the opportunity to influence the future of our world.

Why study computer science at ETH?

As one of the world's leading universities in computer science, ETH Zurich has developed a research environment with a strong interdisciplinary focus. The study of computer science involves incorporating numerous theoretical and scientific concepts into useful real world applications.

Why study computer science? Department head Prof. Püschel explains why. (Video in German)

Bachelor's and Master's Programs

ETH computer science students

Bachelor's program

Broad-reaching, high-quality computer science bachelor's degree program: an excellent foundation for future work in computer science or one of its many associated fields.
Bachelor's program details

Computer science Master's students

Master's program

The program guides students through a variety of fundamental and elective course offers, designing a profile fitting both personal inclinations and prospective career opportunities.
Master's program details

Doctoral Studies

Computer science PhD studies

Doctoral (PhD) studies

Doctoral students are part of a body of bright, talented and highly motivated scientists. The rewarding work experience is complemented by a competitive salary that comfortably covers the living costs in Switzerland.
PhD studies in computer science

Studies Overview: Bachelor, Master, PhD

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