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31 May 2017, Inaugural lecture

Data Sciences, Data Systems, and Data Services

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16 June 2017 - 17 June 2017, Open house

Informatiktage 2017

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11 September 2017 - 15 September 2017, Event for prospective students

Schnupperstudium Informatik für Schülerinnen

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May 19, 2017

ETH News - Prof. Ce Zhang, Dr. Arthur Gervais: Building trust and intelligence in a digitalised world

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May 18, 2017

ETH Rat press release: Torsten Hoefler has been appointed Associate Professor.

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May 17, 2017

ACM press release: Honorable Mention for the 2016 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award went to Veselin Raychev (former PhD student of Prof. Martin Vechev).

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May 5, 2017

ETH News - Prof. Timothy Roscoe and Prof. Adrian Perrig: How does trust work on the internet?

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May 2, 2017

EETimes - Prof. Marc Pollefeys: The HoloLens "will be the next generation of personal computing devices with more context" about its users and their environments than today's PCs and smartphones.

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Veselin Raychev has won an Honorable Mention for the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award

In his thesis "Learning from Large Codebases", Veselin creates programming tools based on probabilistic models of code that can solve tasks beyond the reach of current methods. Read more

Profs. em. Rieder and Zehnder talks about their satisfaction and adjustment of retirement

An ETH faculty member assumes the ‘emeritus/a’ status on retirement when he or she has reached the age of 64 or 65. What do professors emeriti actually do after their active time?
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High-performance computing in the next decade

Prof. Marc Snir says that exascale may be the end of the road, at least for a system using silicon technology. In an interview with Prof. Hoefler, he explains his views on future high-performance computing. Read more

Why do computer science teachers need professional development?

Teachers are the foundation of excellence in CS. The E.Tutorial group develop modules for programs (e.g. Python, Java) and shares the materials with high schools, technical colleges etc. Read more

"ETH meets New York"

At the symposium “ETH meets New York”, ETH discussed with business and industry about Blockchain technologies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
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How does trust work on the internet?

A secure and reliable internet generates trust. Prof. Adrian Perrig and Prof. Timothy Roscoe discussed with social scientists about how to create, maintain and manage trust. Read more

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