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In-depth articles showcase the heart of the computer science department: exceptional individuals, ground-breaking research, a strong focus on key topics, and current projects; not to forget an inherent dedication towards the sciences, as well as personal ambitions and aspirations for the future development of computer science.

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  • Prof. Marc Snir and Prof. Torsten Hoefler: High-performance computing in the next decade more
  • Prof. em. Peter Rieder and Prof. em. Carl August Zehnder talk about their satisfaction and adjustment of retirement (German) more
  • Prof. Bob Sumner and Dr. Fabio Zünd: Game technology inspires creativity more


  • Prof. Rätsch, welcome to ETH! more
  • Prof. Torsten Hoefler: how to program large-scale hetergeneous parallel computers more
  • Prof. Zhang, welcome to ETH! more
  • A collaboration between academia and industry more
  • Prof. Singla, welcome to ETH! more
  • Text sentiment analysis: 2 computer science Master’s students won the prestigious SemEval-2016 competition more
  • Prof. Ueli Maurer receives two major honors from ACM and RSA more
  • Switzerland at CeBIT 2016: the Computer Science Department to showcase a new age of game more
  • "We are ETH ..." student spotlights: Diego, James, Daniel, Linus, Anja more
  • Symposium in honor of Prof. em. Urs Hochstrasser (German) more


  • "We are ETH ..." student spotlights: Victoria, Alexandre, Paulina, Zeno, Jared, Daniel, Jie, Animesh more
  • Alex Summers wins AITO Dahl-Nygaard Prize more
  • Foundation of ETH's Computer Science Department (German) more
  • Prof. Friedrich Ludwig Bauer (1924-2015) (German) more
  • ETH Zurich bids farewell to Prof. Jiří Matoušek (German) more
  • Three Swiss universities showcase cutting-edge research at the CeBIT 2015 more
  • Maximizing 21st century technologies for knowledge more


  • Next grand challenge of computing: How to reinvent the internet more
  • Conference on Energy Informatics 2014 more
  • ETH Zurich as a brand more
  • 50 years of programming more
  • Philanthropy and capitalism: shape giving-back cultures and make your team feel powerful more
  • ECCV: European Conference on Computer Vision 2014 more
  • Google and ETH: ingenious tech giant meets leading 'knowledge broker' more
  • Prof. Gaston Gonnet: when technology holds the key to evolution more
  • Shifting the paradigm: pioneering research network in learning systems established more
  • Deobfuscating JavaScript through program analysis and machine learning more
  • New Intel Parallel Computing Center at ETH more
  • Festival "Zurich meets New York": maximize value from stakeholder relationships more
  • ROI or Return On Individuals: What ETH does for society more
  • Prof. Jürg Gutknecht: In a quest for precision and new horizons more
  • "Lokaltermin des Präsidenten" with Prof. Donald Kossmann and Prof. Joachim Buhmann: Big Data more
  • Prestigious ACM award for Prof. Timothy Roscoe more
  • Prof. em. Niklaus Wirth and the art of elegant simplicity more


  • Prof. Markus Gross awarded the Karl Heinz Beckurts prize (in German) more
  • Transform your smartphone into a mobile 3D scanner more
  • Prof. Noga Alon and Prof. Eric A. Brewer awarded the ETH Honorary Doctor title (in German) more
  • STIU 2014: "Towards an intellectually challenging computer science education" (in German) more
  • "Not even the tip of the iceberg" more
  • Create your own 3D model more
  • UbiComp 2013: The leading conference in ubiquitous computing comes to Zurich this September (in German)  more
  • Big Data, big risks? (in German) more
  • The Computer Science Department supports the campaign "" more, in German (PDF, 191 KB)
  • Prof. Ueli Maurer honored with the Vodafone Innovation Award 2013 (in German) more
  • Digital Art Weeks Singapore 2013: Science and Technology in Cultural Context more
  • Prof. Alonso and Prof. Gross are ACM Fellows more
  • ABZ receives Google RISE Award (in German) more
  • Oscar-winning smoke signals more
  • Welcome to the 28th Kontaktparty of ETH's Computer Science Students! (in German) more
  • ETH scientists present approach to improve communication security more
  • Prof. Alonso awarded the ACM Fellows more



  • Otmar Hilliges new Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science (in German) more
  • Torsten Höfler new Professor at the Department of Computer Science (in German) more
  • Prof. Andreas Krause honored with the Microsoft Research Faculty Fellow Award more
  • Department of Computer Science still considered top university (in German) more
  • Fully-fledged micro flying robots (in German) more
  • A Novel Algorithm Helps Discover a Fundamental Effect in Chemical Kinetics more
  • ETH’s Excellence Scholarship Program more
  • I-Cup Davos (in German) more
  • "All Questions Answered" with Donald Knuth (in German) more



  • Digital Arts Week 2011: When Technology Meets Art and Spirituality more
  • Prof. Marc Pollefeys named IEEE Fellow more
  • Martin Vechev new Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science (in German) more
  • Prof. Markus Gross receives Swiss ICT Award (in German) more
  • The marriage between Computation and Biology more
  • Alumni Homecoming Day (in German) more
  • Prof. Donald Kossmann honored as ACM Fellow more
  • Prof. Friedemann Mattern on the infosphere: the computer metamorphose (in German) more
  • Change starts with women! more
  • Kontaktparty 2011 of ETH's Computer Science Students (in German) more
  • Konrad Zuse and ETH Zurich (in German) more



  • iGEM 2010: Interview with Simona Constantinescu more
  • New Assistant Professors at the Department of Computer Science: Prof. Sorkine and Prof. Krause  (in German) more
  • 2010 Fritz-Kutter-Prize is awarded to René Müller more
  • Dr. Bennett and Prof. Brassard honored as Honorary Doctors (in German) more
  • Very Large Data Base 10 Year Best Paper Award for Prof. Gustavo Alonso more
  • Welcoming speech for freshers 2010 (in German) more
  • Building Rome on a Cloudless Day more
  • Anita Borg Award 2010 more
  • 150 People Marvel at ERMETH more
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