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If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in our department please go to our PhD site.

If you are interested in a Postdoc position, please check the group/institute websites listed below. Contact information can also be found on the Research page.

Institute Group
Institute of Computer Systems
Head: Prof. Thomas Gross
  Laboratory for Software Technology
Prof. Thomas Gross, website
  Scalable Parallel Computing
Prof. Torsten Hoefler, website
  Advanced Computing Laboratory
Prof. Markus Püschel, website
Institute of Information Systems
Head: Prof. Moira Norrie
  Databases and Information Systems
Prof. Donald Kossmann, website
  Global Information Systems Group
Prof. Moira Norrie, website
Institute of Theoretical Computer Science
Head: Prof. Emo Welzl
  Complexity and Algorithms
Prof. Thomas Holenstein, website
  Information Security and Cryptography
Prof. Ueli Maurer, website
  Combinatorial Structures and Algorithms
Prof. Anglelika Steger, website
  Theory of Combinatorial Algorithms
Prof. Emo Welzl, website
  Algorithms, Data Structures, & Applications
Prof. Peter Widmayer, website
Institute for Pervasive Computing
Head: Prof. Gustavo Alonso
  Information and Communication Systems Research Group
Prof. Gustavo Alonso, website
  Advanced Interactive Technologies
Prof. Otmar Hilliges, website
  Distributed Systems and Ubiquitous Computing
Prof. Friedemann Mattern, website
  Network and Operating Systems
Prof. Timothy Roscoe, website
Institute of Visual Computing
Head: Prof. Marc Pollefeys
  Computer Graphics Laboratory
Prof. Markus Gross, website
  Computer Vision and Geometry Group
Prof. Marc Pollefeys, website
  Interactive Geometry Lab
Prof. Olga Sorkine-Hornung, website
Institute of Information Security
Head: Prof. David Basin
  Information Security Group
Prof. David Basin, website
  System Security Group
Prof. Srdjan Capkun, website
  Network Security Group
Prof. Adrian Perrig, website
Chair of Information Technology and Education
Head: Prof. Juraj Hromkovic
  Scientific Visualization Group
Prof. Ronald Peikert, website
Chair of Software Engineering
Head: Prof. Bertrand Meyer
Chair of Programming Methodology
Head: Prof. Peter Müller
  Software Reliability Laboratory
Prof. Martin Vechev, website
Chair of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Head: Prof. Gaston Gonnet
  Computational Biochemistry and Computer Algebra
Prof. Gonnet, website
  Computational Systems Biology
Prof. Jörg Stelling, website
Chair of Information Science and Engineering
Head: Prof. Joachim Buhmann
  Machine Learning Laboratory
Prof. Joachim Buhmann, website
Prof. François Cellier, website
  Learning and Adaptive Systems Group
Prof. Andreas Krause, website
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