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Students  and Prof. Peter Müller

The Certificate Program in computer science (CAS-INFK) is a demanding continuing education course for those interested in gaining a deep understanding of current computer science topics and developments.

The Certificate Program is designed as a part-time study program spanning across 1-2 semesters. It targets university graduates with either a degree in computer science or in a related field. Graduates of a related field are required to provide proof of sufficient professional experience in computer science.

Participants choose from seven specialization areas:
- Information Systems
- Software Engineering
- Distributed Systems
- Theoretical Computer Science
- Information Security
- Visual Computing
- Computational Science

A mentor will support each participant with the setup of his/her individual curriculum in their respective specialization area.

The Certificate Program requirements are:
- Attendance of 4-5 courses
- Classroom learning
- Independent completion of course work in exercises and projects

Optionally, the program can be supplemented by a seminar.

The program requires a minimum of 20 credits ECTS, of which at least 10 must be chosen within the participant’s specialization area. Remaining credits may be accumulated from related areas.

- Total workload: approx. 600 hours
- Maximum study period: 3 semesters
- Course language: English

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Admission Requirements

The requirement for admission to the certificate course in computer science is a university degree in computer science or a degree in a related field. Graduates with a degree in a related field are required to provide proof of sufficient professional experience in computer science. Related fields include engineering studies and their respective areas of specialization as well as mathematics and science.

Application and Registration

Please fill in the complete application form (PDF, 327 KB) and send it with all required documents to the Program Office. Contact details are in the right column.

- Fall Semester: 15 August
- Spring Semester: 15 January

Your application will be reviewed by the Admission Committee of the Certificate Program in computer science. Admission is granted to those who can prove both sufficient fundamental knowledge in computer science and pre-knowledge in the desired specialization area.
Those who cannot provide proof of sufficient knowledge in computer science will be declined.
The final decision is communicated in writing.

The Certificate Program in computer science is a part-time study program. Usually, the Swiss authorities do not issue student visas for part-time studies. The visa is required for the residence permit.


By sending the application, students simultaneously register for the program. In the case of admission, you will be automatically enrolled in the Certificate Program.


The complete program costs are CHF 2080. They are calculated as follows:

- One-time tuition fee: CHF 580
- Course fee: CHF 1500 for a maximum of six courses
ETH staff will not be charged.

For each additional course (e.g. the compulsory major course, if applicable), CHF 250 are charged. If the participant chooses to cancel before the end of the second semester week, no costs will be charged.

If the student registers for a scheduled program duration of one semester, the entire costs will be charged in the first semester. If the program is completed in two semesters, the costs are divided into 2 installments: CHF 1480 in the first semester and CHF 600 in the second. Additional courses will be charged at the time of enrollment. The due date is Friday of the second semester week.


If a participant requires more than three semesters to finish the Certificate Program, a written request for an extension must be delivered at the end of the third semester. This request must be submitted to the Program Office.

After reaching 20 credits ECTS, participants may request the issuance of a certificate. In myStudies, click “Request for degree certificate”. The request form must be signed and handed in at the Program Office. The certificate of graduation as well as the diploma will be sent by mail.

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