05. Mai 2014, Colloquium

Distinguished CS Colloquium - How hard is to find a good solution?



Apr 12, 2014

Deutschlandradio - Prof. Marc Pollefeys: dreidimensionale Erfassung der Welt (Min. 9:02)

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Apr 11, 2014

Alec Jacobsen, Phd Student of Prof. Olga Sorkine, honored with the Eurographics Annual Award for Best PhD Thesis

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Apr 11, 2014

Cengiz Oeztireli, Phd Student of Prof. Markus Gross, honored with the Eurographics Annual Award for Best PhD Thesis

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ROI or Return On Individuals: What ETH does for society

Prof. Bernd Gärtner's "Kinderlabor" (Laboratory for Children) brings scientific subjects such as computer science closer to individuals at the ETH hosted event "Treffpunkt Science City". By making knowledge both distributed and accessible for young learners, the initiative has a high value and sustainable return on the industry, business, and society.
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Prof. Jürg Gutknecht: In a quest for precision and new horizons

Seemingly without effort, Prof. Jürg Gutknecht has ventured into and shaped numerous branches of knowledge throughout his exceptional career. Driven by the pursuit to bring practical aspects into his research concepts and to extend them to cross-discplinary approaches, his quest for precision over nearly four decades is remarkable. This article takes a closer look at Prof. Gutknecht's life-long journey in computer science. Read more 

Prof. Timothy Roscoe recognized as ACM Fellow

Selected as ACM Fellow 2013, Prof. Timothy Roscoe has been given a prestigious award from the largest scientific association for computer science. Researchers such as Roscoe “enable us to listen, learn, calculate, and communicate in ways that underscore the benefits of the digital age”, says ACM’s President Vinton G. Cerf. Winning this award is an opportunity to highlight some of Roscoe’s contributions to research in operating systems and networking research over the years and to pin down what real success actually means. Read more 

Niklaus Wirth and the art of elegant simplicity

“A good designer must rely on experience, on precise, logic thinking, and on pedantic exactness. No magic will do,” Prof. Wirth said. As a university professor, he inspired many young people in understanding science and technology, and above all to create meaningful and enduring technologies themselves. The following interview sought not only to highlight Niklaus Wirth’s contemporary views on the latest technological developments, but also to capture the personality of the computer scientist through and through. Read more 

Transform your smartphone into a 3D scanner

Prof. Marc Pollefeys’ Computer Vision and Geometry Group presented its latest research on mobile 3D scanning technology at this year’s IEEE conference in Sydney. The researchers transformed the smartphone into a portable digital scanner, allowing users to snap pictures on the fly and scan objects from a statue to an outside scenery. “We will be scanning in 3D, like we are photographing today,” says Prof. Pollefeys.
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