23 January 2015, Workshop

6. Schweizer Tag für den Informatikunterricht - Homo Informaticus

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30 January 2015, Talk

Visual Computing Talk: The State of the Art in Real-time Relighting for Augmented Reality

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7 March 2015, Students' event

VIS Kontaktparty 2015

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Dec 19, 2014

Basler Zeitung - Prof. Ueli Maurer: Hacker-Angriffe laufen nicht wie in Hollywood ab

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Dec 12, 2014

ETH-Rat ernennt Andreas Krause und Olga Sorkine zum ausserordentlichen ProfessorIn

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Dec 9, 2014

ETH Globe - Jie Song (PhD student of Prof. Otmar Hilliges): Swisscom Innovation Award (p. 11)

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Next grand challenge of computing: How to reinvent the internet?

Prof. Adrian Perrig

Trustworthiness is paramount in an 'always online' world. Prof. Adrian Perrig proposes nothing less than a new internal design for a simple, safe and reliable internet.
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Conference on Energy Informatics 2014

Energy informatics logo

Forming an indispensable tie between technology and a 'smart' energy usage: Conference on Energy Informatics involving participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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ETH Zurich as a brand

Enzo seating furniture ETH Zurich

"University" and "brand" are terms which can definitely be compatible. This article reconsiders the strengths, values and differentiators of one's own university and department.
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50 years of programming

Prof. Walter Gander

On May 12, 1964, ETH bought its first computer: the CDC 1604-A, a machine from Control Data. This was also the start for students to learn programming.
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Philanthropy and capitalism: shape giving-back cultures

Francisco Fernandez CEO Avaloq

"I strongly believe that this form of direct corporate giving connects the bright talents and Avaloq to a higher quality than other forms of educational investment," says Mr. Francisco Fernandez. Read more

Google and ETH: ingenious tech giant meets leading 'knowledge broker'


Good companies are hard to find; good people with the highest potential can be even harder. For years, Google and ETH have partnered to achieve the maximum impact and value of their research. Read more

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