Far Beyond
Cycling in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
July 1 - August 30

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The Idea

We, Holger Furtmayr and Florian Michahelles, two German students, decided to go cycling to Kyrgyzstan. What!? Where!? Actually, that's the first answer everybody gives, as Kyrgyzstan is pretty unknown in the Western world so far. However, Kyrgyzstan is only 6h by flight from Frankfurt/Germany, visas can be obtained without any obstacles from the Kyrgyz embassy. According to reports, Kyrgyzstan is more or less save.Just there is no infrastructure.
Therefore, Kyrgyzstan offers unspoiled nature in a young developing country waiting for tourists. We are looking forward to getting in touch with the hospitable people being surrounded by spectacular nature sites.

Planned Route

Start: 5.7.2001 (lots of cities might be wrong spelled...) 
Bishkek - Tokmokk - Bolagagun - Bafykcy - Colpon Ata - Karakol (estimated 10.7.2001); 
Karakol - Sary-Saz - KaraSai - Zetim Rei Range - Tat-Balat - Naryn (around 17.7.2001);
Naryn - Catyrtal - Kak-Aigyr - Tad-Rabat - Baetovo - Moldo Too Range - Song Koel (21.7.);
Song Koel - Toktogul - Kara Koll - Uksatiya - Usbekistan (30.7.);
Usbekistan: Tashent - Samarkand - Buchara - Kiwa - Osh (14.8.);
Osh - Caves of Arawan - Ozgoen - Zallal Abad - Katulama Pass - Naryn (20.8.);
Naryn - Dolo Pass- East/West Karakol - Kara Balty - Bishkek (29.8.);

LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! Reports from the Road click here (for German klick hier)


Kirgistan Slideshow (click here)

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(C) by Florian Michahelles June 29, 2001