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The following small guides are distributed without any claim (but still with hope) for usefulness. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Graduate Students Supervised

System Scientists

  • Volodymyr Arbatov 2009/2010


  • Marcela Zuluaga, ETH, 2011-2014
    now Head of Product, Sanalytica
  • Christian Berger, CMU, 2009/2010
    now Staff Systems Engineer, Marvell Inc., CA
  • Yevgen Voronenko, CMU 2008/2009
    now Research Scientist, Accuray Inc., CA
  • Paolo D'Alberto, CMU, 2006/2007
    now Software Engineer, FastMMW
  • Franz Franchetti, CMU, 2005/2006
    now Research Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA



  • Nikos Kyrtatas (with Daniele Spampinato): Generating Basic Linear Algebra Computations for Embedded Processors, ETH 2014
  • Gagandeep Singh (with Martin Vechev): Fast Algorithm for Octagon Abstract Domain, ETH 2014
  • Benjamin Hess (with Thomas Gross): Automatic Refactoring: Locality Friendly Interface Enhancements for Numerical Functions, ETH 2013
  • Jörn Schumacher: High Performance Sparse Fast Fourier Transform, ETH 2013
  • Maksim Rubanov (with Georg Ofenbeck): Extensions of the Roofline Model, ETH 2013
  • Leo Büttiker (with Georg Ofenbeck): Rewrite Engine for Staged Expressions, ETH 2013
  • Giovanni A. Garcia (with Andreas Krause), Fast submodular function optimization, ETH 2012
  • Francois Serre (with Marcela Zuluaga), IP generator for matrix multiplication, ETH, 2012
  • Ruedi Steinmann (with Georg Ofenbeck), Applying the roofline model, ETH, 2012
  • Clemens Tummeltshammer (with Jelena Kovacevic, Manfred Deistler), TU Vienna 2009
  • Alex Samborskiy (with Jelena Kovacevic), CMU, 2007
  • Adam Zelinski (with James Hoe), CMU, 2003
  • Smarahara Misra (with James Hoe), CMU, 2003
  • Elijah Liu, CMU (with José Moura), CMU, 2003
  • Peter Tummeltshammer (with Andreas Steininger, Christoph Ueberhuber, James Hoe), TU Vienna, 2003

Exchange/Visiting Students

  • Guillaume Sergent (ENS Lyon), 2012
  • Kush Batia, IIT New Delhi, India, 2012
  • Sanja Cvijic, U. Belgrad, Serbia, 2008
  • Clemens Tummeltshammer, U. Tech. Vienna, Austria, 2008
  • Leonid Dzinevski, U. Ss Cyril and Methodius, Macedonia, 2007
  • Hao Shen, Tech. U. of Denmark, 2006 and 2008
  • Peter Tummeltshammer, U. Tech. Vienna, Austria, 2003
  • Franz Franchetti, U. Tech. Vienna, Austria, 2001 and 2002

Undergraduate Students Supervised

Honor's projects:

  • Yanjing Li, 2005/2006
  • Joseph Trapasso 2005/2006
  • Woon Ho Jung 2004/2005
  • Adam Zelinski 2003

Other research projects (mostly REUs): Bocong Liu, Eric Lee Turner (2009), Hye Young Han, Patra Pantupat (2007), Jonathan Gross, Paul Thurlow (2006), Joohoon Lee, Chris Wegrzyn (2005), Lei Tie, Leo Soong, Thammanit Pipatsrisawat, Peter Milder, Inpyo Hong, Ernest Chan (2004), Woon Ho Jung, Lawrence Chang, Trevor Carlsen (2003), Saumitra Das, Edward Wertz (2002), Max Khusid, David Wang (2001), Prabhav Agarwalla, Adrian Sox (2000)