Markus Püschel
Department Head
Computer Science
ETH Zürich




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If you are interested in pursuing a PhD with me, please submit your application to our online application system and drop me an email.

Current Research Areas and Interests

I like to combine techniques from mathematics, computer science, and engineering to attack difficult problems.

One longstanding interest of mine is what I call "program synthesis for performance." For functionality of mathematical nature we aim to automatically generate highest performance code from a high level mathematical description. In Spiral, we have built such a generator for the domain of linear transforms. The project combines techniques from mathematics, programming languages, symbolic computation, compilers, and machine learning (short overview). We are currently expanding this project in several directions:

Other current and recent research directions

Research Group

PhD. students

  • Gagandeep Singh (with Martin Vechev)
  • Francois Serre
  • Alen Stojanov
  • Daniele Spampinato
  • Georg Ofenbeck
  • Victoria Caparros Cabezas

Latest Teaching

Spring 2016: How to Write Fast Numerical Code (CS: 263-2300)

Current Collaborators

Pedro Aguiar (IST, Lisbon, Portugal), Franz Franchetti (CMU), James C. Hoe (CMU), Thomas Holenstein (ETH), Jelena Kovacevic (CMU), Andreas Krause (ETH), José M. F. Moura (CMU), Martin Odersky (EPFL), Tiark Rompf (Purdue), João Xavier (IST, Lisbon, Portugal), Martin Vechev (ETH)

The Pub

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Contact Info

Markus Püschel
Dept. of Computer Science
ETH Zurich, CAB H69.3
Universitätsstrasse 6
8092 Zurich, Switzerland
phone: +41 44 632 7303
email: pueschel at