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Last update: April 5, 2014

    Just to know what cdd, cddplus and cddlib are:
    cddplus readme
    cddlib readme
    Manuals (html version):
    cdd/cdd+ manual
    cddlib manual
    Get source codes:
    cdd/cddpuls directory click here
    cdd package cdd-061a.tar.gz
    cddplus package cdd+-077a.tar.gz (to be compled with g++ 4.1. With more recent g++, try patch) . With g++ 3.1, use cdd+-077.tar.gz
    cddlib package cddlib-094g.tar.gz
    To know the implementation:
    ``The double description revisited'' gzipped ps file
    To learn the fundamental concepts of Convex Hull, Vornonoi, Delaunay, etc.:
    ``Polyhedral Computation FAQ'' (still experimental) html version or pdf file
    Links to cdd/cdd+/cddlib users and more.

Illustration of Double Description Method of Motzkin et al.

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