Ce Zhang
Assistant Professor
System Group
Computer Science
ETH Zurich
  • ce.zhang@inf.ethz.ch
  • CAB F 71.2 @ ETH
  • +41 44 632 75 29

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  • 2017
    Research Highlights
    Press Coverage: space.ml
    NVIDIA GTC 2017: ZipML
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  • Current Students
    PhD Students
    • Hantian Zhang (May 2017-)
    • Nezihe Merve Gürel (Sep 2017-)
    • David Dao (Sep 2017-)
    • Shaoduo Gan (Sep 2017-).
    Master Students/Research Assistant @ETH
    • Spyros Lalos (TUM)
    • Bojan Karlas (co-advise with Bob West @EPFL)
    • Kevin Kipfer
    • Demjan Grubic (co-advise with Dan Alistarh)
    • Luyuan Zeng (co-advise with Lothar Thiele)
    • Prashanth Balasubramanian
    • Shiling Wang
    • Gokula Krishnan
    • Ruggiero Dargenio
    • Hantian Zhang (Master @ETH -> PhD @ETH).
  • February 5th 2017

    space.ml is our initiative with Kevin Schawinski to shift model-driven astrophysics to a data-driven future!

    First MNRAS paper here. More coming soon!

  • January 27th 2017
    Year 2016
    Four posters descrbing our ongoing projects.

    PDF Version
  • September 1st 2016
    D-INFK Interview & Sample Research Topics

    Thank you to D-INFK@ETH to conduct an interview that allows me to articulate my vision for the future! You can find it here.

  • June 2016
    ETH Zurich

    I am joining ETH Zurich as a tenure-track assistant professor in computer science.

  • 2010-2016
    Stanford University & UW-Madison

    I spent six years working with Christopher Ré at Stanford University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For a summary of our work, see my research statement and PhD dissertation.

    With indispensable help from many collaborators, my PhD thesis produced DeepDive, a trained system for automatic knowledge base construction. DeepDive has been used to achieve human-level quality in a range of applications, such as paleontology, anti-human trafficking, and genomics etc. DeepDive is being commercialized as Lattice.

    I would like to thank my advisor, Chris. I owe Chris my career as a researcher. Since the day I first met Chris and told him about my dream, he has done everything he could, as a scientist, an educator, and a friend to help me.

  • 2006-2010
    Peking University

    I spent three years working with Bin Cui at Peking University as an undergraduate student. My research focused on managing user-generated content on social media. For a summary our work, see my B.Sc. dissertation (in Chinese) or the SIGIR 2010 and SIGMOD 2010 paper.

    I would like to thank my advisor, Bin. The training I received from his group helped me realize that doing research is exciting and fun and that data management is awesome.