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Computer science, the science of the 21st century, influences and impacts its environment: it explores the ways in which society lives and interacts with itself and in fields such as technology, education and security - as well as defining its own role for the future. These selected articles of 2016 showcase the diversity of this impact as they thread together a number of exciting topics in the focus of the national, international and social media.


Study days at ETH Zurich: 7-8 September 2016

During two days, high school graduates from across Switzerland visited ETH Zurich to explore its study programs. The Department of Computer Science showcased a mix of information sessions, presentations and projects. Students received a warm welcome and were provided with valuable information about what it means to study computer science at ETH and their future career possibilities. Computer science students gave a first-hand account of their studies and everyday life at ETH. On a whole, the department has enjoyed being part of an overall effort to assist young adults in making a right and well-informed decision about their future studies.
See pictures of the study days 2016


CERN openlab students visit ETH

The group of approximately 50 CERN openlab students enjoyed the experience of visiting another research institution. They heard presentations by Prof. Markus Püschel, Antonija Burcul (“Machine Learning in Healthcare”) and Nikos Karapanos (CTO of ETH spin-off “Sound-Proof”). See pictures of the visit here.


Congratulations to our graduates!

The Computer Science Department has celebrated the achievements of its over 100 graduating Master’s students. Approximately 70 graduates – of whom 18% were women – attended the ceremony on June 10th, along with their proud family and friends. Ten faculty members joined the graduates and their relatives in celebrating this important milestone. In total, the ETH AudiMax was filled by more than 350 people including fellow students, members of staff and VIP guests. Find pictures of the event here.


Informatiktage 2016: Tage der offenen Tür am Departement Informatik

Vom 3. bis 4. Juni 2016 öffnten Informatik-Unternehmen, Bildungseinrichtungen wie das Departement Informatik der ETH und Organisationen im Kanton Zürich ihre Türen für jedermann und gewährten Einblicke in die spannende Welt der Informatik.
Gesammelte Impressionen zeigen dieses Video und die Photogalerie.


The Computer Science Department @ CeBIT 2016

President Prof. Lino Guzzella, as well as several members of the faculty and staff, will represent ETH Zurich at CeBIT 2016 with presentations, research demonstrations, social events and panel discussions. The Computer Science Department will show some of its latest research at the IT fair:  

D-INFK CeBIT Trailer    

Prof. Capkun about Information Security   

Prof. Hilliges about Novel Computing Platforms

Prof. Krause about Machine Learning

Prof. Sumner about Gamification


Celebrating the year's end

The Department of Computer Science celebrated its traditional end-of-year "Glühwein" apero with students, professors and staff.
See the pictures here


Think with ETH and Google

Dr. Urs Hölzle, Google's Senior Vice President Technical Infrastructure, hosted and discussed topics around cyberphyiscal systems. What do ETH and Google think about Internet security? How safe is Cloud Computing? How does Google address the topics of energy and sustainability?
View the pictures in the photo gallery


"Lokaltermin des Präsidenten" about "Information security - protecting the lifeblood of the 21st century?" with Prof. Srdjan Capkun and Prof. Perrig

The security and reliability of IT systems are of utmost importance for both economy and society. Ensuring robust processes, data security and protection against unwanted access have become critical success factors for enterprises and public authorities. Srdjan Capkun (Director of the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center and professor at the Institute for Information Security) and Adrian Perrig (professor at the Network Security Group, Institute for Information Security) discussed risks, opportunities and objectives.
View pictures in the photo gallery


Forum for Women: computer science studies taster week

Interested in studying computer science and want to learn more about studies at ETH Zurich? What is programming all about and what kind of jobs can I do with computer science?

For all women: find out more in the taster week from September 7-11 and register here (German) until 21 August 2015.


Student Game Programming Lab: Final Exhibition

Be part of the final exhibition, addressing modern three-dimensional computer game technology.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015. 18:00 - 22:00
ETH main building, Audimax HG F 30, Rämistrasse 101, Zurich

See the flyer for more details


Veselin Raychev wins 2015-2016 IBM PhD fellowship

Third-year PhD student Veselin Raychev of Prof. Martin Vechev's Software Reliability Lab has pioneered new kinds of probabilistic programming systems, including the popular JSNice statistical de-obfuscator for JavaScript. His work explores a new direction in building probabilistic models over large code bases (e.g. GitHub) and bridging the areas of programming languages and machine learning.
Veselin's research        IBM PhD fellowship        JSNice


Jie Song gewinnt Swisscom Innovationspreis

Jie Song, angehender Doktorand der Advanced Interactive Technologies-Gruppe von Prof. Otmar Hilliges gewinnt den Swisscom Innovationspreis für die beste Masterarbeit im Bereich ICT. Den vollständigen Artikel auf dem Blog der Swisscom nachlesen


Smartphone understands gestures

Operate your smartphone with hand gestures. Prof. Otmar Hilliges and his group from the Advanced Interactive Technologies Lab have developed an app which expands the range of potential interactions with such devices.
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Studieninformationstage 2014

An den Studieninformationstagen 2014 wird der Bachelor Informatik-Studiengang vorgestellt. Maturanden oder Interessierte, die vor der Studienwahl stehen, können über den "Marktplatz" schlendern, die Exponate bestaunen oder Studierende zum Informatik-Studium befragen.
Weitere Informationen            Programm Informatik (PDF, 94 KB)


ETH Zurich ranked 15th in worldwide academic ranking

The 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) has positioned ETH Zurich as the best university in Europe to study computer science.
View the results


Children code on vacation

You're never too young to start coding! The computer science department hosted 26 children between 10 and 12 years. They participated in the Pro Juventute summer course "Programmieren mit Scratch" and learned to code.
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A versatile joystick for animation artists

Manipulating 3-dimensional animated characters on a 2D screen is challenging and requires years of training. ETH researchers now make animation artists’ life a little easier with a new input device they can assemble into a shape similar to the virtual character.
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Die Neuerfindung des Internets

An der ETH Zürich arbeiten Wissenschaftler des 'Institute of Information Security' an einem völlig neuen Aufbau des Internets, um das Netz sicherer und zuverlässiger zu machen. Forschung an der Architektur eines zukünftigen Internets (SCION) hat schon begonnen. Ziel ist, dass User selbst bestimmen, welche Routen ihre Daten im Netz nehmen.


The daily future: big data and the automation of experience

What is 'big data' and how can we take advantage of this resource? Watch the video with Prof. Donald Kossmann where he gives a personal explanation of big data and suggests how we can turn it into a benefit for ourselves and society (until min. 3:51).
Watch the video


Berufswandel in der IT

Neue Trends dynamisieren Märkte und verändern Berufe. IT-Fachkräfte müssen sich an den Bedürfnissen des Business orientieren, doch auch spezifische Kenntnisse sind gefragt. Für Prof. Gustavo Alonso vom 'Institute of Pervasive Computing' ist ausgezeichnetes Technologie-Wissen sowie vielseitige Fachkenntnisse bedeutend für die zukünftige Rolle des IT-Spezialisten.


Eurographics PhD Thesis Award for Cengiz Öztireli and Alec Jacobson

For their strong contributions in the fields of computer graphics and interactive geometry, both postdoctoral students have been granted the Eurographics PhD Thesis Award. The award recognises strong thesis work and rewards young researchers with the opportunity to publish as a STAR in the Computer Graphics Forum Journal.
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