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Computer science, the science of the 21st century, influences and impacts its environment: it explores the ways in which society lives and interacts with itself and in fields such as technology, education and security - as well as defining its own role for the future. These selected articles showcase the diversity of this impact as they thread together a number of exciting topics in the focus of the national, international and social media.


Study days at ETH Zurich: 7-8 September 2016

During two days, high school graduates from across Switzerland visited ETH Zurich to explore its study programs. The Department of Computer Science showcased a mix of information sessions, presentations and projects. Students received a warm welcome and were provided with valuable information about what it means to study computer science at ETH and their future career possibilities. Computer science students gave a first-hand account of their studies and everyday life at ETH. On a whole, the department has enjoyed being part of an overall effort to assist young adults in making a right and well-informed decision about their future studies.
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