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ETH Zurich and the Computer Science Department offer high-quality services that support the diverse needs and requirements of the department's community. They aim at providing a streamlined, collaborative, cost-effective and flexible approach. The services include:

Communications Group

The Communications Group (Heads: Minh Tran and Sandra Herkle) coordinates all outward activities for the Department of Computer Science and maintains relationships with schools, students and the industry. It also provides information about and for the department.

IT Service Group

The IT Service Group (ISG) (Head: Stefan Walter) is responsible for the department’s IT infrastructure, e.g. purchasing and repairing hardware as well as developing, deploying and operating various central services by administering hundreds of workstations.

Computer Science Library

The department's library (Head: Mirjam Rösli) holds thousands of publications (books, journals, proceedings, technical reports, theses, etc.) in many areas of computer science, hardware and software technology, applied mathematics, scientific computing and neighboring areas.

Meeting Facilities

ETH and the department give you productive space wherever and whenever you need it. The meeting rooms, computer labs and projectors can be booked online.

Print Services

Printers available on ETH’s campus range from simple laser printers to special equipment for posters, transparencies or photographs. Versatile Printing and Plotting (VPP) connects numerous printers everywhere at ETH to different computer platforms, e.g. workstations running Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

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